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FAMILY LIFE CHURCH  is located at 1211 NW 46th, near NW Rochester and 46th St.   We are just south and west of Seaman High School in northern Shawnee County in Topeka Kansas.   Church phone:  785  286-1889


IT'S THE NEW YEAR!!! - In the midst of all of the resolutions being made, what if we practiced a new beginning every single day where we laid aside the past and made it the mission of each new day to be love continuously through Jesus who is alive within us.  Guess what?  The whole world would be changed!  Give it a try!!! 

JANUARY - CELEBRATE LIFE MONTH - Every single human being has one thing in common.  Do you know what it is?  We are ALL created in the very image of God!  Scripture even tells us that God knew our days before we were even conceived.  Take time this month to celebrate life created in the image of creative!

YOUTH GROUP MISSION TRIP - What a GREAT time we experienced!  We had the opportunity to be Jesus to 50 children in Fort Worth and to show them that they matter.  We already have the date for July 14-20,2019 to return to minister again.  Make plans NOW to participate! 

AED - Automatic External Defibrillator Training -  Required training for the use of the Philips HeartSmart OnSite Devibrillator is now available online at the following webaddress: by copying and pasting it into your webrowser.

WEDNESDAYS - Connections 7:00 pm prayer at FLC. Prayer for one another, our church, our community, our nation. A time of listening, praising, & rejoicing in what God is doing.  Holy Spirit has led us to specifically pray for the physiological healing of our brains due to addictions and/or old destructive attitudes which have caused everything in our lives to filter through these destructive patterns.  THERE IS FREEDOM in the blood of Jesus! 

YOUTH GROUP - SUNDAY EVENINGS: Each Sunday evening from 6 - 8PM FLC Youth Group is gathering for fun, worship, devotion, food... All youth from 7th through 12th grade are welcome.  Don't miss out!  

AWAKENING PRAYER GATHERING - The TENTH Awakening Prayer Gathering in Arlington, TX has ended.  What an amazing event experiencing Holy Spirit's presence and leading, seeing Jesus lifted high and giving worship to God!  The main sessions are available on YouTube by logging on to YouTube and typing "Crossroads Tabernacle" in the search field.  You will be richly blessed by them. The next Awakening Prayer Gathering will be October 17-19, 2019...MARK YOUR CALENDARS TODAY!